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Reina Chi

Head Florist

With a sense of creativity, Reina has been successfully obtained a Floristmeisterschule in GermanyShe is a visionary designer who loves to think out of the box and experiment with unusual materials in her dynamic and original work.
She has been working with world famous international clientele and have done impactful projects internationally for 20 years.

Reina Chi

Head Florist' Bio

04/2018 Mom&I Jazz Night Party Decor
11/2016 Edible International School Korea Homecoming Party Directing 
10/2016 Loy cafe "Mental Hospital Halloween Party" Decor
2014-2016 Wedding Studio Seasonal Display Directing
2014-2016Green Plugged Festival VVIP &Artist Lounge Decor
6/2015 LA Premier Party Planner
12/2015 Big Bang VVIP Christmas Party Decor Korea
5/2015 Northface Korea Division Display
2/2015 Tokyo TbSetting Festival Judge
1/2015 J Bride Launching Party Decor
2/2014 Tokyo TbSetting Festival Judge
4/2011 Germany Florist Championship
1/2008 SWAROVSKI Launching Party Decor
10/2006-10/2007 Instructor at Floristsmeister Schule Germany
1/2005-7/2006 Floristsmeister Schule Germany
3/2003 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Decor
6/2002-8/2003 Fl
orist at Floristsmeister Schule Germany


Head Director

With the foundation of art and design degree, Hailey has been bringing highest level of quality, care, knowledge and boutique floral designs for many special events in NYC for several years. Hailey's over the top professionalism has made her one of the most sought-after event directors in NYC.


Working With the Best Clients and Partners

The Wedding Aisle

Whether you are in the midst of planning your wedding or events, LUXLUF will work closely with you to create an unforgettable & breathtaking result.

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